Airport Transfer Services

Airport Transfer Services

International Stage Line’s fleet is stationed 15 minutes from YVR Airport, our close proximity to YVR Airport enables to be responsive to flight changes and to minimize driver waiting time. With our large fleet of vehicles, in a variety of seating capacities, we can effectively arrange transportation for any group size and large conventions.

Vancouver Airport Call-Up Procedures

Prior to a coach and driver picking up a group at YVR, he first has to check-in with YVR Ground Transportation. YVR Maintains a bus holding lot 2 minutes from both the Domestic and International Terminal. For International arrivals, the people will proceed first through customs, then they will claim their bags before leaving the secured area of the airport. As the people exit the baggage claim area, they will arrive into the welcome reception. Here is where a local guide or group leader should assemble the group, prior to boarding the coach. Once everyone is assembled, people are then to proceed to the exit the terminal. The group leader / staff will then locate the ground transportation office, conveniently located near bay #3, to ask for their coach to be called up. The group leader will need the name of the Bus Company, and confirmation booking number.

For domestic arrivals, it is very easy to meet up with the group, as the baggage claim area at YVR is in a public location. The Domestic Baggage Claim area is on Level 2, to locate your bus, the group will need to proceed to Level 1, down the ramps located at Baggage Carousel #3, end exit onto level 1. By the exit doors is a telephone which connects directly to Ground Transportation.

The process is very simple, however if people are arriving off of various flights, you may wish for us to arrange an airport Meet & Greet Services to help assemble the people.

When we confirm our coach services, our confirmation information will include specific instructions and confidential contact telephone numbers, to assist.

Airport Meet & Greet Services

For groups that do not have someone to meet people at the airport, we can hire staff to assist the group leader in gathering the people together, and to help expedite the procedures. For large conferences, whereas multiple people are arriving off of a variety of flights, especially with the domestic and international baggage areas in two separate buildings, additional staff may be necessary.

Sedan & Limousine Services

For meetings & conferences where delegates may be arriving on a multiple number of flights over a couple of days, requiring the need to charter a combination of different size vehicles.  We can arrange sedan & limousine services to assist with transportation arrangements. This helps to have 1 point of call for all transportation needs, and to adjust the overall schedules effectively should flight schedules change.

Luggage Truck Services

Depending upon the schedules for the day, at times groups prefer to have their luggage transportated directly to the hotel, ahead of the groups arrival. We can arrange luggage truck services for YVR Hotel to Vancouver Downtown Hotels, in conjunction with a group bus charter. We can arrange a 1ton or 5ton truck, with 1 driver and additional swampers if needed.

Baggage Services at YVR Airport

YVR Airport provides complimentary carts for people arriving at both the Domestic and International Terminal. The carts are easily found. However if you wish to arrange Red Cap Porter services at YVR, please contact (604) 834-5916.

For more information on arranging transportation services from YVR International Airport please contact us.

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